JET sport FAQ

Getting Started

Does JETsport cost money?

No, JETsports is a free mobile application that you can totally use for free if you want. You can also join paid events if you choose to.

How to register

Step 1: register

Step 2: Fill or skip the information you have been asked. Click on all the sports that you are interested in and select your skills level for each of them. You can also update your profile and add more informations on your profile.


How to edit my profile?

Each JETters has a specific profile. You can click on the top left icon to enter your profile, then click on the top right to enter the setting. Update your

Create Events

How to create an event?

Go to the main menu, (Calendar icon) and click on the top right icon « + ». Fill in all the information of your event, agree with terms and conditions then click on « create event ».

Can i create a private event for my friends? 

Yes, make sure you create the event as « private » and then invite friends.

How to make my event more visible?

Make sure you make it public, share it on Facebook, and to your circle.

How to set limited people on my event?

While creating the event, fill in your ideal maximum number of people in capacity section.

How to create an event for specific gender/ age or other?

You can’t rebuff any attendees to join your event. So we advise you to be specific on the title and description of your event. Ex: Event title: 5k Girl running

Join events

How to join an event? 

If it is a free event, you can browse the listed events or search on the map, find events that interest you, click on it and have a look at the description. If the event suits you, you will have to click « join ».

If it's a paid event, it will be the same process to the step you need to enter your card details and pay the event. 

Join events

How can I leave an event?

Go back on the event that you are supposed to participate and click on « leave the event ».

Paid events

How to create a paid event?

To create a paid event, you will first need to enter profile setting, create and connect to your stripe account.

When do I need to pay?

When an event have the icon: “$” it will be a paid event. To have a look to the price, click on the event and read the description.

How to pay for the event?

After clicking « join » on a paid event, a form will pop up and you will have to fill in your card details.

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Each organizer will have to choose his/her refund policy: No refund/ half refund/ full refund. So be aware of the refund policy of the paid event you plan to go to.

How can I report if I have an issue with the organizer?

If you have a payment issue with the organiser, you may report to Stripe (Payment company) and they will process the report. You may also contact your bank for refunds.

Who can create a paid event?

Everyone can create a paid event. Some paid events will be created for professional training and some are only to contribute for supporting the event (no profit).

  1. Fitness trainer could charge for his class.
  2. Damien wants to book a tennis court to organize his event, he can choose to share the fee with other attendees

Organizing my event has cost, can I create a paid event? 

Yes. You can suggest people to contribute for organizing the event. However, You should always explain what is the purpose of money, if you take profit from it or not.


What is my circle? 

You can consider your circle as your JET friends, when you start a private chat with someone, he goes automatically in your circle.

Share/ Invite

How to invite someone to an event?

Enter the event, click on « share » on the top right corner, then you have two options:

  1. Invite your circle friends
  2. Share the event outside the App (Message, Messenger, Facebook, Mail etc…)

Can I choose who I want to invite from my circle?

Yes. You can choose who you want to share your events.


How can I review events?

You can review an event after it finishes. Click on your past events anytime you like so you can rank and review the organisers and events . 

What is a positive/negative thumb?

As attendees can rank the organisers and events, organisers are also able give a thumb (positive or negative) to the participator after the events. Positive thumb: Organizers’ appreciation to participators Negative thumb: If participator have been:

Who get stars on the profile photo?

Stars will be shown on an profile who organises events. The stars are the ranking from attendees to his/her previous events.


Can I block a user?

No. You cannot block a user but you can report a profile if you have any issue with the person.


What is professional profile?

Professional profile is the profile for qualified coaches, instructors and trainers.

How to request a professional profile?

Enter your profile setting and click on « request professional provider approval ». Further information will be requested in order to prove that you are qualified. 


How to complete your participators for your private event? 

You can first create a private event and invite your friends. However, when you are still lack of participators for the event, you may change it to a public event so everyone can see and join it.