Tuesday 16th October
06:00 PM

FREE HIIT Training

Flagstaff Station, Melbourne VIC, Australia


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Hello Everyone!!!! Winter is gone and so those frozen winds!!!!! It is time to put on your training shirt, Those running shoes and get ready for a full hour of hard training and nice people!!!!! You are all invited to HIIT training. A great way to train, have fun, know new people and burn those extra calories!! High-Intensity Interval Training focuses on alternating between aerobic and anaerobic training zones, this is to help the body stay out of its comfort zone and strengthen the muscles as well as burning some extra calories. Who can participate in the class? All levels are welcome. How much? FREE What to bring? Bottle of water, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and plenty of energy!!!!! Questions: 0434585194 ___________TO REGISTER___________ Click on « going ». You will be receiving a confirmation e-mail which must be shown before every session. (This is for insurance purposes and to keep track of who is coming so we don't let anyone behind.) For further information contact us: contact@jetsport.com.au Laura: 0415522790 ___________ABOUT JET___________ In JET we believe in the transformative power of “doing things together” and in the way activities can improve our well-being and lead us to live happier and more fulfilling lives. JET is about breaking social, cultural and financial barriers that might restrict participation in sport, fitness and wellness. We dream and live to make sport accessible and affordable for everybody.

Hello everyone!!!!! I am a Health and Fitness Coach specialised in Triathlon. But always studying and preparing new methods and training ideas for everyone around. Always focused on bringing your mind and body towards peace and happiness.

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Flagstaff Station, Melbourne VIC, Australia


Tuesday 16th of October
From 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

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