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Friday 7th December
06:30 PM


3 Aughtie Drive, Saint Kilda VIC, Australia


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Book your free trial - https://goo.gl/rCgUAi Bobo Boxing program • Monday/Thursday: Cardio • Tuesday/Friday: Technique • Wednesday/Saturday: Strength Technique: You can` hurt what you can`t hit. There is nothing more valuable that mastering technique. Learning to keep your punches tighter, maximizing the flow of movement, understanding how to transfer power from the base of the legs through the torso and finally to the fist — these are just some of the nuances that make up the science of punching. Execute your punches incorrectly, and you may not get the results you intended. Technique classes are focused on: - understanding the science between the punching movements - focusing on executing your combinations to become better on energy expenditure - create an intense activity by engaging your all body Work on 10 rounds fitness to improve your technique and stamina, 10 rounds on different punching bags. Take all you learnt and apply it on pads workout to see your improvements. Membership - $30 a week (monthly payment) https://jetsport.com.au/my-activity/369 First 5 classes - $50 https://jetsport.com.au/my-activity/464 Package 10 classes - $150 https://jetsport.com.au/my-activity/347


Dario Paglialonga


Sport and fitness is my life. Boxing is my passion. I have been boxing for the last 15 years. Share with me the love for this sport by joining my class, to gain experience in boxing, for a great, fun, and intense full body workout.

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3 Aughtie Drive, Saint Kilda VIC, Australia


Friday 7th of December
From 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

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