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Saturday 10th November
12:00 PM


3 Aughtie Drive, Saint Kilda VIC, Australia


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Book your free trial - https://www.facebook.com/events/304259743510562/ Bobo Boxing program • Monday/Thursday: Cardio • Tuesday/Friday: Technique • Wednesday/Saturday: Strength Strength: Throw a hard punch it is the fastest and most efficient way of ending a fight. Work on your strength by increasing your muscle endurance and punching as hard as you can. Bobo Boxing strength class will: - build strong bones and ligaments - greater confidence and self-esteem - tone muscle Blow some steam off by working on power based on 8 rounds of bags workout and 8 rounds of fitness. Finish it off with a short circuit by hitting a bag with all the power gained from the training. Membership - $30 a week (monthly payment) https://jetsport.com.au/my-activity/369 First 5 classes - $50 https://jetsport.com.au/my-activity/464 Package 10 classes - $150 https://jetsport.com.au/my-activity/347


Dario Paglialonga


Sport and fitness is my life. Boxing is my passion. I have been boxing for the last 15 years. Share with me the love for this sport by joining my class, to gain experience in boxing, for a great, fun, and intense full body workout.

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3 Aughtie Drive, Saint Kilda VIC, Australia


Saturday 10th of November
From 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM

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