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Saturday 8th December
11:30 AM

Yoga at Flagstaff + End Small Talk

Flagstaff Gardens Playground, West Melbourne VIC, Australia


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1. VINYASA YOGA CLASS Join me for a Vinyasa flow that will strengthen and condition your body. Incorporating key elements such as balance, core activation and self-awareness, this practice will serve as a guide in your pursuit of a fit body and a sound mind. The sessions are typically an hour long (give or take 10 mins) and will incorporate Vinyasa flows and asanas that will invigorate you both physically and mentally. We will end with a 10 min relaxing therapeutic flow to get you ready for all the world has to throw at you ;) All levels from complete beginners to advanced practitioners are welcome. I will try my best to cater to whatever level you are currently at. 2. END SMALL TALK End Small Talk is a gathering where we use conversation to push mental boundaries, open up new paths of thought and to increase your capacity to understand. Simply put. You meet strangers. Get some coffee and talk about matters of depth and significance. Past topics included cultural sensitivity, necessary evil, base morality of human beings. TO RSVP for the END SMALL TALK session send me a message through my contact details below and you'll be notified of the location, topic and any relevant details. TO RSVP for the Yoga class simply click on Register. _____WHAT TO BRING___ 1. A yoga mat 2. A bottle of water 3. A towel 4. Shoes on the mat are optional but barefoot practice is highly RECOMMENDED. The class is donation based. Suggested 5$ min. See you on the mat! Love n Light :) Faisal 0431148442 FB: Fuzzy yogi IG: fuzzyyogi


Mohamed Faisal


Flagstaff Gardens Playground, West Melbourne VIC, Australia


Saturday 8th of December
From 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM

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