Monday 18th February
06:30 PM

Afrocolombian Dance

78 Howard Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia


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Afrocolombian Dance class is a mix of rhythms and movements characteristic of the pacific and caribbean people in Colombia. These rhythms are influenced by African dance and indigenous rhythms. The Afro-Colombian music is based on percussion, marimba, shakers and songs that tell stories. The Main dances are Cumbia and Currulao. This class is a cultural trip, to the Afro-Colombian folklore mixed with Afro-beats and workout. It is for all levels and for those that are interested in world music and different culture. You are all welcome to this cultural journey. Contact Karen 0415540867


Karen Bravo


I´m a versatile performing artist from Colombia. I specialise in Afro Colombian Dance and movement. I'm interested in the traditional folklore from my country. I draw the influence from my african roots and fuse it with other styles.

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78 Howard Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia


Monday 18th of February
From 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM

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